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Sharon D. Marsh

Author and Local NW Florida Historian

In the Shadow of Their Courage and Sacrifice: Experiencing the War for Southern Independence Through My Union and Confederate Ancestors is my effort to document the experiences of a number of my ancestors as they struggled through those four long years of civil war.  All of them were in the South in 1860, not all served with, or sympathized with, the Confederacy.  The book will explore both men and women ancestors in various locations in the South and will explore the lives of those who served either the Confederacy or the Union and those who did not.

The book is in the early stages of research and development but will include previously written pieces on two of my ancestors; Andrew Jackson Marsh (pictured above) who served with the 15th South Carolina Infantry, Co G and Randolph "Randal" Fulford who served with the 4th Florida Infantry, Co H.  Also included will be: James Millard and Seth Gaskin, William Henry Brett, Hiram King, Zachariah Nichols, John C. and George W. Pitts, Williford Newton Webb and his sons Jasper N. and John Marion, Lydia Olive Gaskin, Matilda Bowman Pitts, Richmond and Martha Senterfitt Barrow and Jonathan J. and Rebecca M. Carter Brunson as well as a number of others - young and old, male and female, Confederate and Union.

Each section will cover the entirety of the war and the known experiences, and likely experiences, of each of the persons which when taken together will provide some insight into the extent of the variety of experiences of the war.  Check back regularly for progress reports and occasional blog posts when I find something worth sharing right away.