Sharon D. Marsh

Author and Local NW Florida Historian

Oak Grove, FL: The Community That Time Forgot is a detailed history of the place and the people who inhabited this settlement on the banks of the Yellow River.  Earliest settlers arrived before Florida officially became a territory of the United States.  They made their homes in the wilderness of the Florida panhandle and slowly created a farming community with a diversity of inhabitants.

In 1840, the Yellow River Baptist Church was started by a handful of residents and the first membership list taken a few months later showed 57 members with 10 of them being black.  During the same year a community cemetery was started with the burial of Joan Horne, a Revolutionary War veteran.  The War for Southern Independence provides a glimpse into the economy and lifestyle of the community.  Many of the men from the area fought for the Union in the 1st Florida Union Cavalry stationed in Pensacola, FL.

After the war the community struggled but persevered, with both white and black residents owning land, farming and bootlegging.  The Church grew, a Masonic lodge was started, stores and a post office were there for a time and the families intermarried.  By the 20th century the community was struggling again.  World War I and the Depression took men from the area and created hard times for the small farmers.  A family moved in and purchased a lot of the land that further stifled the community.  Following rapidly on that migration occurred a mass migration of blacks out of the community, ran off because they were black and competition in the community's best product: moonshine.

Like many small communities in the south, the aftermath of World War II saw major changes in lifestyles.  Younger members of the families moved to find jobs and live in areas that provided more amenities.  Today, it can be hard to find this beautiful area of the Florida panhandle.  While the southern area of Oak Grove encompasses part of Highway 2, the majority of what was once the heart of Oak Grove is up Yellow River Baptist Church Rd, deep in the woods.  The church, now 176 years old, is still there and still providing services every Sunday.  And their homecomings every June still bring descendants of the early families back to worship together.

This book is an effort to pull all of the documentation together on this community and bring it to life for anyone descended from the families that made it home and for those interested in the rich history of the Florida panhandle.  The book will hopefully be available by June of 2018.  Come back often to check progress.

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